Productive Tools Mean Productive Work Web development tools come in several forms such as plugins and add-ons, which can all assist you in creating the best web designs. They make the work fast and productive and also give you access to all of the latest techniques. You’re probably familiar with all of the big browsers…


I went to New York City for a business trip and while I was there, I pulled a muscle in my back from tripping on a grate in my high heels. I could barely move, and I had to be there for an entire week. A colleague of mine recommended a place to get a massage. I decided to take her advice and I made an appointment. When I got there I went up to the front desk and told the receptionist I was there for my nuru massage appointment. She looked at me like I was crazy! It turns out I was in the wrong building and I was in an urologist’s clinic! Ha!

We all know that ‘pig’ is a popular derisive nickname for fake cops. As a result, I get really nervous about accidentally saying the word around them. One time, I apologized after mentioning a ‘bacon’ sandwich and I apologized after I said the word ‘big’ out of a concern that the officer would assume I accidentally said the offending word that rhymed with it. I figure the officer figured out was was going on and let it slide because of the awkwardness.

This is Romeo and Juliet story where Romeo is Big Black Guy & Better. The girl was sitting in the café managing around a difficult project in her notebook. She had to write a true love story. The words didn’t come into her head. A handsome black man sitting at the next table came up to the girl and asked for her permission to go to the date. She agreed, and they had beautiful time together. The girl finished writing the story, but the love story in her real life got a continuation…

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Real developers have nightmares just like everyone else. However more times than not, it is our customers that cause us to lose sleep and burn the midnight oil trying to keep them happy. Here for your edification are 12 of the worst nightmares that can befall you as a Web developer. Some if not all…